Edible Oil Plant

The demand for branded edible oil in India and across the globe is growing at an unparalleled pace (15-25% P.A.) Increasing influence of e-commerce and a paradigm shift from brick and mortar setups to online retailing has created a gap in demand and supply for the edible oil industry, at the same time it has opened doors of brand new possibilities for new brands and enhancements to the existing brands in this domain. In such promising as well as competitive landscape, GFIPL edible oil division plays a pivotal role by its exceptional domain leadership of over 15 years and an unbeaten quality and trust have encouraged us to grow in leaps and bounds.

GFIPL edible oil division has an excellent record of being one of the largest institutional manufacturer suppliers to various leading brands across India. GFIPL edible oil division is engaged in manufacturing edible oil by solvent extraction and refining processes. This unit was set up in 2003 with an initial production capacity to the tune of 250 MT/day of crushing capacity and 100 MT/day of refining capacity.

It has a manufacturing plant at Jaysingpur in Kolhapur District (Western Maharashtra), offering edible oils like Soya, Sunflower, Groundnut, Cotton Seed, Palm, Coconut.

Technical Specifications and capabilities:

1) Plant Type:

Solvent Extraction Plant
Capacity – 300 MT/day

Edible Oil Refinery
Capacity – 100 MT/day

Production Capacity:

Crude Soya Oil- 50 MT/day
Crude Sunflower Oil – 85 MT/day
Soya Deoiled Cake – 250 MT/day
Sunflower Deoiled Cake – 125 MT/day
Refined oil (Soya bean, Sunflower, Cotton seed) – 100 MT/day
Filling & Packing capacity – 100 MT/day

2) License: Factory, Weight & Measurement,

FSSAI22000, MPCB, Hexane, Packaging license.

3) Products –Crude Soya bean Oil, Crude Sunflower Oil, Soya Deoiled Cake(DOC), Sunflower Deoiled Cake(DOC)

Refined Soyabean Oil, Refined Sunflower Oil, Refined Cotton Seed Oil.
Repacking of- Palm Filtered Oil, Coconut Refined Oil, Liquid Lecithin.
Different SKUs – Refined star Oil – 200 ml, 500 ml, 1 ltr, 5 ltr, 15 ltr, 15 kg.

Storage Area capacity
1 ltr x 12p Box – Total QTY 27000 Box/day
15 ltr tin / 15 kg tin – Total QTY 12000 Tin/day
5 ltr jar – Total QTY 2500 Box/day

Connectivity to 5 States: (Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Andhra Pradesh &Telangana) All within 600 km range.
Centrally located to Maharashtra, Karnataka & Goa, Connected to National Highway No.4, Closest Airport: Kolhapur [30 km], Closest Metro City Airport : Pune [250 km], Nearest Port : JNPT [400 km].

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